October 22, 2012 Connaught Gold Champions
Connaught Gold Cup Win

September 26, 2012
Junior Cup Round 1 Win

    Ballyheane 0 Westport United 3 WITHOUT ever having to be spectacular, Westport United eased through to the next round of  Junior [...]


February 23, 2014

The Westport United Pitch Development  project  continues to track against plan. The 13.5 acre site has been purchased from Westport House, full planning permission has been received, and we are close to completing the land fill of soil on the site. Over  40,000 tonnes of soil have been transported to the site in the last [...]

The Archive

July 9, 2012 Untitled-5

John McKenna recalls some of the men that made up the 1987 team Interview Padraig Burns 1987 [...]